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Untitled Cozy Catastrophe

I am currently at 44,000 words on the first draft of this, which I started at the beginning of November for Nanowrimo. That’s around about 70% on the first draft.

Hell Hole

This was about 95% written when I stopped work on it, due to things going on in my life. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to ever work on it again, but things change and it’s probably what I will be doing when I finish work on the Cozy Catastrophe.

The Ladies Adventure Society

This is about 50% done. Not sure when I will get back to work on it, but it’s still on my list.


I am less sure that I will work on this, but I still really like the story. I am keeping it on the list for now.


Still working through the re-masters and making good progress. There are some new titles which have never been published before that I am going to start working on soon, and that’s more exciting and unexpected.


I have published quite a lot of remasters now. I’m not sure which ones I have written about here before, so I will just give a list of all the ones that are available:


Short Stories

And I think that brings us about up to date. I’m trying to post more regularly to my blog now, so check back again on Monday.