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The Long Winter

In the heart of a relentless winter, where the snow never ceases to fall and the cold grips the soul, lies a story of survival, hope, and unexpected guardianship. The Long Winter unveils a world transformed by an apocalyptic freeze, a world where humanity is tested to its limits.

The Vampire Next Door

Step into a world where the thin line between life and undeath blurs into a chilling tale of love, loss, and the macabre. In this gripping horror novel, meet Adam and Debbie, a couple seeking a fresh start in a quaint, new home. Their idyllic life takes a haunting turn when Debbie meets a tragic demise shortly after their move.

City in the Fire

In the heart of a city consumed by chaos, Abi finds herself thrust into a nightmare she could never have imagined. Eight months pregnant and desperate for a moment of peace, all she wants is a quiet afternoon with her mother. But when ancient evil awakens, her world unravels in a series of terrifying events.

Visible Monsters

After a near-fatal car crash, teacher Nathan Custer’s life is plagued by terrifying visions. He struggles to separate reality from hallucination, clinging to the belief that the ghoulish figures he sees are just in his mind. But when people close to Nathan start turning up dead, he can no longer deny that these horrors are real.

Unhallowed Ground

In the brooding shadows of Odamere’s vicarage, Peter Gatgewood seeks refuge from the haunting specters of his past. What he and his family discover is a malevolence far beyond the ghosts of memory. As they settle into their new home, they quickly realize that the vicarage holds secrets darker and more sinister than they could have ever imagined.

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