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Created for war. Programmed to destroy. Beyond control.

Decades after the Machines claimed victory, artificial intelligence still reigns with cold efficiency. Humans survive only in scattered communes, hiding from technological tyranny below the surface.

When crisis strikes his underground sanctuary, Brett—once a resistance fighter, now a haunted recluse—must volunteer for a vital mission above ground. He joins a ragtag crew to brave the dangers of a fallen city ruled by robotic overlords. Seeking life-saving medicine, the group faces mutilating Machines, crumbling skyscrapers, and their own clashing loyalties.

Outmatched and outnumbered, they will struggle to evade relentless mechanical eyes. Past traumas divide them, but confronting painful secrets may be their only chance. For Brett more than the others, survival was once resistance—but resisting now may cost more than he can bear.

With no control above ground, even one wrong step could doom their quest. The Machines never sleep, never forget. And they show no mercy.