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In the aftermath of a devastating zombie apocalypse, Dale Pope, a seasoned soldier, embodies the ethos of sacrificing for the greater good—until he is the one called to sacrifice.

Amidst a world overrun by the undead, Dale rushes to aid trapped civilians in the chaos of London’s Underground, only to find himself hopelessly outnumbered. Despite the odds, his valor shines through, but a vicious bite, meant to end his life, instead leads to an unexpected captivity.

Kept prisoner in a military hospital, Dale endures experiments while the outside world descends into chaos. Finally escaping, he discovers the unwinnable war against the undead has been lost. Society as he knew it has crumbled; survival now hinges on scattered remnants of civilization. Finding solace in the village of Harmony, Dale’s military expertise becomes a boon, yet his haunted past clings like a shadow.

“Patient Zero” hurtles readers through a gripping narrative teeming with relentless zombie encounters. As Dale navigates this perilous new reality, a poignant question emerges: What sacrifices are justifiable to shield those held dear?

Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding thriller that probes the depths of human resilience against a relentless undead menace. “Patient Zero” is a riveting tale that delves into the sacrifices demanded by love in a world devoured by chaos.