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Devastated by the death of her brother and torn apart by guilt for her part in it, the last thing Joanie needs is for him to rise from the dead seeking revenge.

Joanie is nine years old and she didn’t mean to kill Ben, but she knows it was her fault. Judging by the way her parents look at her, they know it as well. Not that they would ever say it to her. They just treat her like a child, which she supposes is better than a murderer, but not by much.

On the day of Ben’s funeral, Joanie gets her chance to earn forgiveness and prove that she’s more than just a little kid, but the stakes have never been higher. If she fails, then she and everyone she loves will be massacred by zombies. Can Joanie stop the dead from rising? Or is this the beginning of the end?

Not Quite Dead is an action packed short story about the consequences of our actions. And zombies.