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Picture a figure, blind and naked, bearing cryptic ancient runes seared into his flesh—an ominous puzzle that has left everyone trembling in uncertainty.

In the desolate heart of nowhere, a man with a quest for truth arrives to interview Patrick, the solitary survivor with a harrowing tale to tell. The city concealed beneath the desert holds secrets that defy explanation, and Patrick is the sole witness to the unspeakable horrors lurking in its buried depths.

As the inquisitive interviewer seeks answers, Patrick unveils a nightmarish account of his ill-fated party and the ghastly discoveries made below the earth’s surface. “Elder Ones” is more than a mere story; it’s a descent into darkness, a journey through the twisted corridors of the supernatural, where the line between reality and nightmare blurs.

Prepare to be gripped by the haunting narrative as Patrick grapples with the trauma of what he witnessed. “Elder Ones” beckons you into a realm where the inexplicable reigns, and each revelation brings you closer to the edge of a chilling truth that defies the boundaries of human understanding.