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Bored and seeking thrills during his suspension from boarding school, Walter takes his recklessness too far. Shunned by his friends and saddled with an unwanted dog named Darla, Walter spirals into anger and bitterness. His cruel acts of vengeance soon backfire in shocking and disturbing ways.

When Darla goes missing, Walter must face the horrific consequences of his actions. He discovers too late that some victims bite back. Hard.

Payback is a chilling tale of a troubled teen who pushes the limits too far. His escalating acts of cruelty unleash a terrifying wave of revenge that teaches Walter a lesson he won’t soon forget.

This twisted psychological horror story blurs the line between victim and villain. It’s a disturbing rollercoaster ride that will make you think twice before seeking retribution. Payback serves up justice when you least expect it.