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Sink into the abyss, where fear knows no bounds. In ‘The Depths,’ darkness rises, and survival sinks to the deepest depths of human courage.

Meet Gary, a dedicated family man, his wife Emily, and their daughter Vicki, living a seemingly idyllic life aboard their houseboat. Gary’s ability to work from home provides the perfect balance between career and family, ensuring their well-being in the tranquil embrace of the water. However, their peaceful existence shatters when a ferocious storm descends, ripping apart the veil between our world and a malevolent, otherworldly realm.

As the tempest rages, monstrous entities rise from the depths, driven by an insatiable hunger for terror and chaos. Gary, Emily, and Vicki are thrust into a harrowing battle for survival, where the line between reality and nightmare blurs. Desperation forces Gary to become a reluctant hero, facing unimaginable horrors to protect his family. Hiding and fleeing prove futile, leaving him with no choice but to confront the sinister forces head-on.