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Making steady progress on everything. There are a ton of plates spinning at the moment, but I think it’s all under control. Time will tell, I guess.

The Ladies Adventure Society Book 1

Status: First Draft WIP

The first draft is going well. Current draft stands at 43,000 words and not quite half-way through.

Unhallowed Ground: Remastered

Status: On Sale

The remastered edition is now on sale. At the time of writing, it is on sale for $0.99

It’s available as an EBook, a paperback and as of yesterday, it’s a an audiobook on Apple Books.

Horror Shorts: Remastered

Status: Editing

This week I started work on the remastered editions. They were some of the first things I wrote for publication, so there is a lot of work to do on them.

On Hold

  • The Ghouls: Remastered
  • City in the Fire: Remastered
  • The Vampire Next Door: Remastered
  • The Shadow Walker