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It’s no fun being sick. It’s even less fun not feeling sick but not being able to do anything because you might still be infectious.

I woke up yesterday feeling a lot better but when I took a Covid test it quickly showed that I am still positive and that meant back to my chamber of isolation. It came up so quickly and the line was so strong that I think I have a lot of the virus still in my system.

So here I am, sitting in my office while Tamzin and Oscar are out doing something fun in town and I can’t join them.

I don’t think I’m totally recovered yet. Still have that virus feeling of hot skin and I don’t have a lot of energy, but I’m sick of being on my own. Yesterday I watched a couple more films and lots of The Simpsons and Family Guy episodes.

It’s the last full week of Oscar’s summer holiday and I haven’t been able to enjoy it with him.

On the bright side though, neither he nor Tamzin seem to have gotten Covid. That’s good. Also no reports from the people who I saw at the weekend coming down with it. I guess I have taken this one for the team. But it’s still frustrating.